Guerrilla Marketing Project, the Book of Sparkling Grims


I was finally able to get these pictures to load up for a guerrilla marketing project for my Marketing for the Artists class. If you are not familiar, guerrilla marketing is where you advertise your product or cause in an unconventional way. Often times, this kind of marketing is interactive, and quite honestly, a lot more fun, being that there are no legal restrictions limiting the concept.

For my project, I decided to alter a book and place it in cafes for people to thumb through while they sip on their iced toddies. My blog and my art is primarily about stories told through art, magical or not, and so I found it would be most appealing as well as relevant to create a small, short portfolio of my art work, and collage it into a book. At the end of the book is a tiny, hand-sewn notebook, so that readers can leave notes inside.

I chose to leave this book in coffee shops and cafes because most people who are writers and artists, and also coincidentally leave their houses, go to these places.

The book was originally a compilation of AESOP, Grimm Brothers, and Hans Christian Andersen fairytales (so perfect, right)? Don’t worry, you can still open the book and read most of the material inside it.

I have not been able to get the cafe shots of the book yet, but here are the photos of the book.


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