New Stuff Made!

So I have been making some new paintings, as well as jewelry since this last semester ended, what with minor shows and Christmas coming up. Christmas for an unemployed artist means opportunity to lay out those creativity skillz.

I have only one image right now of a pair of earrings I have made for a family member’s gift (hope they don’t see this!!), my first attempt at this, and I’m actually pretty impressed. I think I’m going to make more. I need to learn how to make ceramic beads though!

2012-12-23 01.31.29


Eventually I will put this, along with my other stuff (paintings, lanterns, jewelry, and other spin chart/volvelles onto my portfolio, but 3am is not the time for that kind of work.

Anyways, happy Holidays to you all, and hope all the creativity is being explored and executed during this festive season!


Phoenix Festival of the Arts

So, another great newborn festival, right in the heart of downtown Phoenix! I participated in the Biggest Mural collaboration. Hugo Medina put the mural event together, and invited over 80 artists to paint. We were each given our own 4×8 ft panel, plus one on each side that we had to collaborate with the artists next to us. This was wrapped around the Festival of the Arts, which was originally for the Phoenix Center of the Arts, but this year was open city-wide.

The event was incredible on many layered accounts. We were all exposed to each other’s art, we were all exposed to the public, and the fact that it was so widely collaborative, even to the public, made it very endearing for the art community. We all are in it together, the Phoenix community is there, and it was made apparent by this project.

Here’s a link to the interview with Hugo. Excuse my extreme dorkiness, it’s just part of my nature. Haha.

And here are a few pics of my mural panel:

Again, I wish I was a little more prepared, and I would have taken photos of other’s work, and with other artists. I’ll be sure to announce with the curated opening reception will be!

Side Pony Express Music Festival

So, a couple of weekends ago, I went on a trip with a few friends of mine down to the tiny, ‘western’ encapsulated town of Bisbee. We journey 4 hours south to see and be a part of this newborn music festival called the “Side Pony Express Festival”. The friends I went with were part of the band Field Tripp, but there were plenty of other people there we knew.

The neat thing about this festival was that it was composed of all in-state, but primarily Phoenix valley based bands. The talent is incredible! The bands performed all day and late into the evening, and in between shows you could venture around the main downtown part of Bisbee. This was not just fun, but a great way to advertise a lot of the well-refined work from the local artists. I didn’t just get a look at the town, I could really grasp what kind of artistic culture surrounded the place. I heard from a few artists that after graduating from art schools from the main cities (Phoenix, Tuscon, Flagstaff), that Bisbee was a great place to move to for a couple of years and focus on building a portfolio of work. The rent in studios is relatively cheap, and art in Bisbee is more than an appendage of society, it is society.

Grant it, to be real, it isn’t necessarily your charming San Francisco. There are economic and social set backs, Bisbee being birthed from a mining town. A lot of people around the area struggle with business, and some even struggle with keeping their house, and the remoteness of the area has caused some depression in some of the residents living there. But a lot of the people native to the town have said that festivals like this are really healthy for the town; the exposure, the rise in sales, and the general excitement was really helpful for the small city.

And I heard in the grapevine that this might become an annual thing! Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I’d love for ya’ll to come down next time and enjoy the scene that I experienced!

Here are a few pics I took from the trip. I really wish I thought more about it, I would have purchased a thrift store camera and taken more formal pictures of the band mates, sets, and artists. Enjoy!